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Free Riot Points

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League of Legends

Free Riot Points

Are you looking to learn more about the popular online game League of Legends? Would you like to get free Riot Points for League of Legends? Struggling to build a rune page? Or just interested in the Elo Rating system used for ranked matches?



Greetings summoners,
What about a free game but where you need money to get all the stuff necessary for better playing, runes, Xp boost, Ip Boost, new skins?

Now everyone has the chance to get free Riot Points in League of Legends.

Today I’m sharing League of Legends Riot Points Code Generator which generates codes as LOL Game Card those you can buy at Game Shop for example.

How it works ?

Have you used before any others KeyGen for games? Just a simple application, right?
After hours of encoding, decoding and examine hundreds of Game Cards for a pattern we managed to establish an application which will work through Riot Games database and generate a fresh Game Card Code.

Download the program and hit generate and you will get unlimited RP!

Be careful don’t abuse League of Legends Riot Points Code Generator!
Use it few times per day but don’t abuse to be safe.


Video Proof Presentation:




Instructions to get a FREE Riot Points Code Generator:

1. Click the download button below (We decided to release it free, but we had to protect against mass leeching and spambots);
2. Complete an easy offer. Most of the time it is a survey where you have to enter some information (enter valid information or the file won’t unlock). Some countries only have Mobile/Cellphone surveys. You can fill them out by just typing your number and receiving the SMS with your Code to end the survey;
3. Download for your Generator will start automatically;
4. Have more fun playing League of Legends and share this with other players!

Hurry up and get your generator today! This is a limited download.



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48 Responses so far.

  1. july says:

    U just made my day, thanks a lot!

  2. Sandacheerleader says:

    best think ever

  3. Payphone101 says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing

  4. mark says:

    free rp codes! Whats better? nothing!

  5. Gamer says:

    Thanks! Got some codes. Awesome & working generator

  6. philipe says:

    Been playing for more than 8 hours a day to buy runes for Nocturne. Good thing I’ve found this? generator and BOOM!!!….I’ve generated more than 2000 RP to buy some IP boost. I’m also planning to complete all LOL champions with this one. You deserve a thousand of thanks from me dude!

  7. C H U C K N O R R I S says:

    Very nice, keep this updated

  8. George D. says:

    got it 2 days ago, come back to reply, it works amazing thanks

  9. Maczam says:

    will riot ban me for using this, is it safe?

  10. daniel says:

    many many thanks!!

  11. Leka says:

    Finally what i was looking for

  12. rammus says:

    Awesome shit; now Riot lose is money loooooool ?

  13. jELustO says:

    WOW, just bought some skins for my champions and this boost my confidence so i won 6 games in a row. This is awesome for getting higher ELO !

  14. Marie says:

    C’est GENIAL! Merci beaucoup

  15. Albert says:

    This is it! For a game that was intended to be FREE2PLAY. justice has been done

  16. divineblade says:

    it works, respect from Switzerland!

  17. TheBbob says:

    Thats, why I love the Gaming Community, because of people like you

  18. Damond Young says:

    you explained it very well thanks

  19. V. Pablo says:

    LOL, after i get the code i put it directly to redeem it, but didn’t worked, i was so sad i thought it’s a scam, but then i remembered that i have to remove spaces, tried again and could not believe my eyes, rp added to my account, amazing, thanks so much bro !1!

  20. OH MY LORD! A WORKING GENERATOR. I was so very skeptical from all the other misleading faulty downloads that never worked… But this one here actually made my day because it actually works, and i now can look cool playing league.

  21. DavidThe10 says:

    Realy good job, i love you guys!!

  22. Tom Mabe says:

    Awesome, worked great! Got  a bunch of riot points.

  23. seekerland says:

    Nice going, keep up the great work :3

  24. s3Shret says:

    Really cool, still working, just tested today, i am gonna share it with my friends

  25. venom says:



  26. KINICE995 says:

    what’s with the survey? do I have to complete it to get the download?

  27. Andrei says:

    How can i download this?? i got trouble downloading it because of this survey thing.. pls help

  28. Josh C says:

    how do i get past the surveys

  29. ja says:

    wow it really works thank you a lot

  30. Moykie101 says:

    Thanks for this Riot Points! :D

  31. Miko says:

    I’m gonna share this to my friends

  32. Carlos Arias says:

    thank u bro it works good :D

  33. Jolander says:

    This works just fine :).

  34. Z-Plague says:

    was spending some time on Facebook and I saw this glad to find it out

  35. Simon Phelps says:

    I have no words man. It is simply the best working rp generator. many many thanks to you

  36. Roger Murray says:

    Respect nice work

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